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how do you know your a coldplay fan?


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that would have to be when u spend ur science class righting the lyrics from yo favorite songs(all of them) in your binder cover


or before ur first period class, while u r listening to AROBTTH(or live 2003 or parachutes) and starts to right the lyrics while u r listening to the song, righting really fast an people start to look @ u w/ a strange face like 'what is she writing about?! y is she writing so fast?' little do they know though, that u r writing as fast as chris sings

haueaeu :D

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when you listen and enjoy their music everyday and appreciate their talent :)


and spend forever talking/thinking about them...I also annoy my friends by talking about them :rolleyes:


Me too :D And my pc wallpapper at home is a pic of Guy and my pc from work is the band pic... LOL

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yeeeeeeah me too!!! hahahaha my room is a coldplay-room hahahahaha :lol: :lol: ... and well.. i know i'm a fan of colplay.. pfff because i know that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is a feeling (well call it how you want....:P) inside my world!!!! :lol: :lol:

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something else:

u know that next coldplay is not gonna be alround everywhere like they were this year

so u know what I did? I bought THEIR 2004 calendar! thats right, I'll be able to look at them 24/7 365 days! hiihi


dont u just love ebay? :D

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i think thats an awsome phrase to put on your arm, what better to look at on those days you need some cheering up...also thats probly my favorite phrase from all the coldplay songs, cuz its true, no matter how grim it looks "everythings not lost", i love it. :D

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