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'27 dead' in Connecticut primary school shooting


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'27 dead' in Connecticut primary school shooting



Children were crying and holding hands as they were escorted out of school by teachers


As many as 27 people have been killed, including many children, in a shooting attack at a primary school in the US state of Connecticut, US media say.


At least a dozen children are among the dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, the Associated Press reported.


Earlier, the gunman was reported to have been killed and at least three people were taken to hospital.


A news conference is imminent and the state Governor Dannell Malloy is on his way.


Police arrived at the school soon after 09:40 local time (14:40 GMT), with a full search of the site carried out soon after.


Schools across the district were immediately on lock-down as a preventive measure, officials say.


Meanwhile, the three people who have been taken to hospital are in "very serious condition", Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton told CNN.


'Collecting facts'


There are unconfirmed reports of two shooters, according to a report in the local Hartford Courant newspaper.


As the situation began, police received a call reporting that a gunman was in the school's main office. One person there had "numerous gunshot wounds", the Courant added.


One witness speaking to CNN said that shots were heard coming from the hall. There "must have been 100 rounds" fired, she told the channel.


Local media have reported that firefighters instructed children to close their eyes and run past the school's office as they exited the building.


Other sources suggest that some of the shots were fired in a school classroom.




With the children now evacuated, aerial images of the school show several emergency vehicles still at the scene and scores of cars surrounding the area.


Teams of officers are on the scene, some with dogs, as a thorough search of the school continues.


A local NBC news channel said that a hospital in nearby Danbury had reported receiving three injured patients.


Several parents are reportedly at the school, standing by and waiting for more information. Officials say they are trying to unite children with their parents.


Sandy Hook School - described by correspondents as a highly rated school - has cancelled its kindergarten class on Friday and will not operate midday bus runs, the school's website says.


The public school has more than 600 students in classes from Kindergarten to 4th Grade - including students aged from five to 10.


On its website, Danbury Hospital said it was aware of a "situation" at the school.


"Please know we're collecting facts now and will be back to you as soon as possible with the most accurate information," the hospital said in a statement.



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Last time I checked it was "multiple deaths"... I didn't think it would be as many as 27 though. (Of course, even 1 is too many.)


Local media have reported that firefighters instructed children to close their eyes and run past the school's office as they exited the building.
That's just... ugh. I can't imagine. And I'm sure some of them didn't close their eyes, just think what they're going through.
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NBC News identifies shooter as Ryan Lanza, 24


NEWTOWN, CT -- President Barack Obama called Conecticut Gov. Dan Malloy to offer his condolences for Friday morning's elementary school shootings.


Obama also offerred all federal resources to Malloy. In a press conference about 1:30 p.m. Friday, Malloy was not present as he was still talking to the families of students involved in the early morning shootings that left 26 dead, 18 of whom are children.


His spokesman, Roy Occhiogrosso, said the "Governor is horrified by what has happened...and is giving information to the families of students and staff..."


The alleged shooter has been identified by NBC News as Ryan Lanza, 24, and he shot and killed his father in Hoboken, New Jersey. WNBC says Lanza then drove to Sandy Hook Elementary School where his mother was the kindergarten teacher. Lanza is said to have entered the front office at the school and opened fire, then walked to his mother's classroom and opened fire, killing her and other students. Lt. Paul Vance of the Connecticut State Police would only say that "the shooter is deceased inside the building..."


Vance said the incident began after a 911 call from the school to the Newtown Police Department at 9:41 a.m. The police immediately called state police and other local law enforcement for mutual aid. Vance said that when they arrived at the school, they made "immediate entry."


Vance would not give specific numbers on how many children and how many staff are dead and walked away when asked if that was the only shooter. There are reports that there is a person in custody but that has not been confirmed.


NBC News has identified the shooter as Ryan Lanza, 24, of New Jersey. The school had 456 children in the school at the time of the incident. Vance said there would be another press conference shortly.



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I hope this time people will actually pay attention to the issue for longer than a week. In all prior shootings this year, everyone talks about it and is super enraged for a few days - and then just move on, till a month later it happens yet again.

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How awful... Thinking about all these families who lost their innocent children just 10 days before Christmas. I can't imagine what it feels like (and for all the poor kids who witnessed this !)


We were talking about it in English class just last week... We discussed the fact that gunhold is still authorised in the USA. I hope this time decisions will be taken...

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I will surely keep all these families in my prayers.


I live rather close to Hoboken, where the shooter's family lived. Is this why my school told us not to "linger on school grounds"?


And could it be because of the recent mall shooting that this became a "model" to the shooter?

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They screwed up the names :dozey:


From the BBC website: The Associated Press quotes unnamed law enforcement officials as saying the suspect is actually 20-year-old Adam Lanza, and not his older brother Ryan as has been reported.


edit: Ryan's ID was found on Adam's body.

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^^ Because some media still refer to the shooter as Ryan Lanza, but others are saying that the shoot was actually his brother, Adam Lanza, who, according to some media, had taken his brother's identity.


This story gets more and more sickening at each detail released :|

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Jeeeeesus. :( Besides all the kids that will potentially be scarred for life (and the families that have lost little ones :cry:) I also feel sorry for the brother of the shooter, whose life the media have essentially fucked up. He should sue every news channel that broadcast his name.

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