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How much do you really know about Coldplay?


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This whole idea came from my strange addiction of finding out weird stuff about different things, specially Coldplay. And I thought why not put it to some kind of use? So now I'm doing this.


Every other day or so, at given times, I'll post a question about Coldplay. It can be about anything you could ever imagine from "What is Chris' full name?" to "How many L's can you find in the lyrics of Yellow?". So what you need here is some knowledge about Coldplay, ability to make quick research and handful of luck. I will randomize the times for every question and post the time for three of the worlds major timezones while revealing the answer for the last one, so everyone gets a fair chance to participate.


To give everyone another chance to appear on the scoreboard (which is found at the buttom of this post), the first 3 persons to reply correctly will get points (3, 2 and 1 respectively). So to answer a question you simply send me a PM. This is the only way we're able to have 3 winners of each round, and also a PM can't be edited after it's been sent (as far as I know), but you can edit a thread-post at any time. Only 1 answer / person / question please. Thoughts and prayers may be posted below.


I don't know if this is stupid or if it's already been done or if no one's even gonna be interested in it but it's a way for me to put my addiction to some kind of use. I hope you'll just see it as a fun thing to take part in. Good Luck :)


First Q is posted tonight, February 7th at 10pm GMT (London) / 5pm EST (New York) / (Feb. 8th) 6am CST (Beijing)




42 Tash (12 wins)

38 BiggerStronger (8)

34 Coeurli (4)

32 The Master (6)

13 kl33 (1)

11 postcards (1)

10 filiprasmusson

9 lorepalma (1)

5 chipotle (1)

5 Jayden

4 iduran20 (1)

4 MorningGlory (1)

3 Juanma (1)

2 jeremyy

2 Clairounette

2 glking

1 LouisSealey

1 James.

1 kartingchris

1 Texasluvsjonny

1 Reilly

1 Anchorman

1 coldplaymom

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Q. 1

Nobody said it was easy. No one ever said it would be hard. The first question is easy if you are a big fan. Simply because it's the first question.


September 11th is known as a day of tragedy across the world, but for a Coldplay fan it’s a very good day. It’s the birthday of Jonathan Mark Buckland, and it also happens to be the birthday of my dad. While Jonny was born in central London, this question actually has got nothing to do with him. Because 213(?) days later, “Coldplays most handsome member” was born, Guy Rupert Berryman. In what city/town was he born?


Send PM as soon as possible or you’ll miss out on the chance to get any points on this one. :) GOOD LUCK!

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well that was quick :D several answers in a matter of seconds :o


no surprise though that 3 points is collected by the Coldplay know-it-all, Tash :) well done

2nd place and 2 points for Coeurli and 1 point for LouisSealey


correct answer was Kirkcaldy


Question 2 will be given in almost two days at February 9th just after 12:01pm GMT (London) / 7am EST (New York) / 8pm CST (Beijing)

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Q. 2

"And the winner is..." Well, we don't know that yet :)


As most of you probably are aware of, Coldplay won another award/price last week as their song Clocks was voted #1 in BBC Radio 6 Music's Greatest Hits poll, which is a great achievement. But one of the biggest awards you can win in the music industry is a Grammy, Coldplay have won 7, and with two more nominations for the upcoming awards it could increase to 9. However, one of those seven Grammy awards whitch they've won is "Record of the year" for Clocks, but what year did they win it?


Reply by sending me a PM as soon as possible or you might not get the points you are looking for. GOOD LUCK!

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While the first question took only a few seconds for the first 3, this one took well over an hour. Probably cause of bad time of day :p


3 points goes too Juanma who was very quick. 2 points goes too a surprised Tash and the last point will be handed too Coeurli.


Correct answer was 2004


Question 3 will be given in about two days at February 11th just after 5:30pm GMT (London) / 12:30pm EST (New York) / (Feb. 12th) 1:30am CST (Beijing)

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Q. 3

If this one is too easy, the next question will be out of this world, for some of you.


CM: "This is a song about when I lost my tambourine". What is the name of it?


Reply by sending me a PM as soon as possible or it might be too late. GOOD LUCK!

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that seems to have been easy...


3 points goes too Tash who pulls away at the top of the leaderboard, 2 points goes too filiprasmusson and the last point is given too Clairounette.


Correct answer was The Scientist


Question 4 will be given in about one and a half days at February 13th at around 5:30am GMT (London) / 12:30am EST (New York) / 1:30pm CST (Beijing) (blame random.org :))


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOrZ64oYBcc]CHRIS MARTIN (very funny) The Scientist - JONNY BUCKLAND - COLDPLAY 24/11/11 (Lyrics) HD - YouTube[/ame]

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Q. 4

It's early morning in Europe, late evening in the US and midday in Australia, so how long will 3 correct answers take... I guess this one isn't too hard either.


During the Viva La Vida tour, Will Champion was the lead singer for a song called "Death Will Never Conquer". Ironically it did just that while they were recording their previous album X&Y. So apart from Chris, who was initially ment to do the vocals on the X&Y albums hidden track "'Til Kingdom Come"?


Reply by sending me a PM as soon as possible, it might not be too late. GOOD LUCK!


(I shall do more research for future questions to see what times most people are on cause this was a bad time for everyone is seems)

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New participation record :) though noone was very quick today...


3 points goes too iduran20 and 2 points goes too lorepalma , both making their first hits on the scoreboard, and the last point is given too filiprasmusson.


Correct answer was Johnny Cash


Question 5 will be given in 24 hours at February 14th at around 2:40pm GMT (London) / 9:40am EST (New York) / 10:40pm CST (Beijing)


The leaderboard will be updated later today.

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Q. 5

I'd actually intended to post a different question today, but when I realized it's Valentine's Day I decided to post a question that has to do with love. It's not a very good question but it'll have to do.


How many kids have Chris, Guy, Jonny and Will got in total?


Reply by sending me a PM as soon as possible. GOOD LUCK!

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