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where do coldplay fans live and how old are they?


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how do you properly ride a llama?


Hicksy, you of all people should know that llamas cant be taken for a ride :rolleyes: . They're tough lasses and face it, they're not easy to fool. I'd give it a second thought :D


so do u kiss on the first date?


ehem... :stunned:

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what kind of question is this?!

just look at our info area or whatever




its just that some people dont have flags...

and id like to have a post where if u r like, looking for someone from a ertain region, just come here..


also.., people could put some extra stuff about them, like..


uhm, i'm learning how to play the srums

*tabs on table*


and, hey! dont call me blond! :stunned:

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I'm from Bristol, England. A place of tall ships long past, black slave trade and cigarettes. Apart from the ships (which are VERY pretty), not much to commend its history ..... Ah, but we DO have Isambard Kingdom Brunel on our books ...


And I'm damn old, but still cheery! Happy New Year all!


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