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What is the best beer in the world?


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I like Grolsch or Stella (When I feel like drinkin beer and kickin ass) but this probably is the real answer:




Because when it comes to taste even the best alcohol doesn't compare to a good fizzy drink, or this puts it best:


"“Oh. That is fantastic. THIS. This is wine. Yeah, look at what these idiots are drinking. Look at these dicks! Obviously it’s not REALLY delicious like hot chocolate or coke but for wine… Mwah!” -Jeremy, Peepshow.

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According to critics, it's Westvleteren 12 but it's so hard to get that I doubt I'll ever drink it.


it's bloody expensive and rare and you have to wait days before you can get a box


and my friends said it's not that good because it's a bit overrated too :\


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Regular beer: Grolsch

Special beer: Pretty much what editor came up with. To me the Belgium special beers are the best. I think


has won most as best beer, but that may also be because it's so exclusive.


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