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Name all the Coldplay (studio album) songs! ---SPORCLE---


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I got 100% because for some reason my brain is really good at remembering names of songs from albums I haven't listened to in months, instead of stuff I need to know for exams in subjects I've been studying for years. Stupid Brain :angry:

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44 (59) - I missed 5 from Parachutes (Shiver, Spies, Sparks, High Speed and We Never Change), 1 (Warning Sign) from A Rush of Blood to the head, 5 from X&Y (Square One, White Shadows, Low, Swallowed in the Sea and Til Kingdom Come) and 4 from Mylo Xyloto (Up with the Birds, Up in Flames, U.F.O. and A Hopeful Transmission). I missed 0 from Viva la Vida album even though A Rush of Blood to the Head album is my favourite Coldplay album, but closely followed the Viva album.

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