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Another's Arms + A Sky Full of Stars = next singles??


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Check out these individual mp3 release dates on Amazon for each of the individual 'Ghost Stories' tracks: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=coldplay%20-%20ghost%20stories


Magic is technically released on March 3rd. It is widely known to be the first single. Midnight is technically "released" on March 17th. Obviously it's already been released on YouTube for free, and the band has said it's not an official single, but it's still a standalone track, and I give that date some credence because it's also a Monday, the day singles (see Magic) and full albums (see Ghost Stories) are released.


But then, look at Another's Arms. Unlike the rest of the songs, it's slated for release on April 28th, also a Monday, three weeks before the album is slated for release. Finally, A Sky Full Of Stars is slated for release May 12th, also a Monday, and exactly one week before the album is slated to be released.


Coincidentally, or totally not coincidentally, the iTunes album listing has (incorrect) time listings for only 4 of the 9 tracks. Those four tracks are these four: Midnight, Magic, Another's Arms and A Sky Full of Stars. They usually only put up time listings for songs that are either pre-releases, singles, or songs about to be released.


Are Another's Arms and A Sky Full of Stars the second and third singles for the album? If any Ghost Stories tracks other than Midnight or Magic are played at iTunes Festival, I'm betting it's these two.

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Considering that these same three tracks are the only tracks on the album with a placeholder track time (4:45, to be exact), it's certain they'll be up on iTunes as well.


Before May 19? Like will midnight be available on iTunes on the 17th of march?




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I actually don't think the dates being changed back to may 19 means anything at all. (We cant unsee the former dates, It's already too late for Amazon, theres no sense in trying to cover it up)

And Those itunes time listings are still an indicator that those will be singles made available

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Nice. Now it will live in infamy after they realize they revealed too much and scramble to take it down... lol.


Lol. I knew that would happen. Typical Amazon.


Those dates weren't put up accidentally. Even if they're not all the singles or they're not released on exactly those dates, that + the iTunes listings still mean something.

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I remember the first time I heard studio HLH. I actually laughed out loud at the sounds that didn't translate live. Excited to hear the polished finished product. I haven't seen much negativity in terms of reviews of the performance last night so far from critics - just fans. ;)



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