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Tapatalk: Coldplaying vanished?

Captain Crieff

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Yesterday tapatalk logged me out on coldplaying out of the blue and I couldn't log in again. It said my password/username was invalid but I'm 100% sure it was right. That happens more and also with other forums so that's a Tapatalk issue.

When I reinstalled tapatalk (twice) to try to solve the problem, coldplaying wasn't in my list of forums anymore and tapatalk doesn't find it if I type it in the search bar :confused:

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I still can't find coldplaying on tapatalk... Any solutions?


Try uninstalling it completely, get rid of the temporary files (if you can find it in the folders when using astro or via your computer usb connection) and if you are on Android, try this too.


I haven't used Tapatalk so i'm not sure, try contacting Tapatalk themselves too as everyone else is still able to access Coldplaying, it appears.

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oh yes i'm not the only one! :P


I hope the plugin can be updated :)


Ok, There's a few updates planned so i'll add this to my list, looking at middle of next week for an est date :)

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I cant seem to get notifications on my smartphone. I uninstalled and reinstalled it but nothing changed. Is the app being upgraded or...?


Yeah, its Tapatalk 5.0 now. Check to make sure its the latest version and look at the settings too.

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