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Eurovision Song Contest 2015

I ran away

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Hi, i thought I'd open a thread to discuss the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 which is conducted in Vienna this week.

First off here's a question: What's your opinion on the Austrian entry and its undeniable structural as well as, in parts, melodical similarity to the Scientist ?

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Aw yiss, I waited for this thread to pop up!






Well I just listened to it


(it's this one here, right? [video=youtube;duW-PsDbysg]



I don't think it has much similarities with The Scientist :wtf: It's just a slow paced, love ridden piano ballad.

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So i watched the final right now. Couldn't decide on a favorite, somehow none of the songs really clicked with me, i thought Italy, Estonia and Lithuania were not bad.


Of course I rather noticed that Coldplay was mentioned twice, at least in the german broadcasting:

- noting the similarities between the Makemakes' song and Coldplay, presumably the Scientist (i do think that structure and chorus melody are very similar actually...)

- apparently the winner from Sweden is on his albums influenced by John Mayer and Coldplay


And the final question is: Why does Germany always choose uninspiring candidates ? OK, of course this year it was actually Germany's second choice on stage, but for the last years this can't be taken as an excuse...

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