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Battle of the Coldplay Eras! (elimination game)


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Now presenting our champion era...........




With 5 votes to X&Y's 2, I've got to tell you in my loudest tone that AROBTTH has been defeated.


Thanks for a nice fun elimination game everyone. I sure enjoyed it and even though it's only one of many games of its kind, I hope you all feel the same. :) Hopefully in a year or so we can revisit this and see how the A Head Full of Dreams era stands.

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No problem, I Ran Away! This was interesting so maybe I'll think of some other game to start but for now I'm kicking back and watching the band's Glastonbury 2005 set. Though it was not my number one choice, the X&Y era was amazing. Had I been born ten years before my actual birthday, I could've had the opportunity to experience that era as it happened. I would've given anything to see the Twisted Logic Tour.

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Yayy!!! X&Y won... such a great album! It's the one I listened to while walking home in the rain today... (more info on that story on "Random Coldplay thoughts" thread, it's actually a great story :P) It's an amazing era...

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