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[2016-06-04] Etihad Arena, Manchester, UK

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Yeah I wish they asked RARE songs they haven't played in more than 5 years... we should make a list of all those songs Coldplay didn't play for the last 5 years and conspire against them and make them play those with the requests for example One I Love

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2 Yellow

3. Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

4. The Scientist

5. Birds

6. Paradise/ Tiesto Remix

7. Everglow

8. Lovers In Japan

9. Magic

10. Clocks

11. Midnight

12. Charlie Brown

13. Hymn For The Weekend

14. Fix You

15. Heroes

16. Viva La Vida

17. Adventure Of A Lifetime / Kaleidoscope

18. Trouble (request)

19. See you soon

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1 A Head Full Of Dreams

2 Yellow

3 Every Teardrop is A Waterfall

4 The Scientist

5 Birds

6 Paradise into Remix

*Muhammad Ali speech


Walk to B- Stage


7 Everglow

8 Lovers in Japan

9 Magic


A Stage


10 Clocks (different intro)

11 Midnight

12 Charlie Brown

13 Hymn For The Weekend

14 Fix You

15 Heroes ( David Bowie cover)

16. Viva La Vida

17 Adventure Of A Lifetime


Walk to C Stage


18 Kaleidoscope

19 Trouble ( fan request)

20 See You Soon ( Chris give props to Debs)

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