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Coldplay NAME THAT TUNE; A New Game Of Triplets

Spraycan Soul

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Hey guys just a thought here…I'm thinking of a game…putting out 3 short clips of CP lyrics from any songs at a certain time and see who can get all 3 titles correct…the triplet per say….then you win that round. Then I have 3 more and so on…maybe 10 or 15 rounds….I'd keep refreshing my screen once I put out the questions to see who chimes in first with all 3 correct answers. Whoever gets the most complete triplets wins. I don't know what you'd win, maybe just a pat on the back and a 'nice job'. Stephen, or a moderator, if you happen to see this, maybe you could promote it???:dance: I was thinking about (new time) 4PMEastern USA Time (Monday May 30th) ..most US fans off for Memorial Day.

And the lyrics can be from any Coldplay song. Is this a lame idea? Be nice. :rolleyes5:

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