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TV series worth watching (Netflix)


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Beau Séjour.


It's about a girl who wakes up and finds her own corpse in a bathtub. So she's dead (murdered) but she's still walking around and some people can still see her. She then tries to figure out who killed her and well I've just found out I'm shit at describing TV series but it's great honestly!


I never managed to figure out who the murderer was until it was revealed and the supernatural element is a great touch because it's so realistic

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Black Mirror is one of the best shows ever made. It's an anthology series with 3 seasons (4th coming this fall or winter). Just think modern twilight zone and generally dark themes about technology's consequences.


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I was just thinking this as I was going back though this page of this thread, Black Mirror is one the very best things ever.

So many good episodes here.


NArcos is pretty good as well.. I am saving myself for the 3rd series until next year so I can watch series 4 as well not long after.


netflix is quite amazing for me as a lot of the old stuff I have not seen before so it all seems new to me.


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