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New David Brent Song "Electricity" featuring Chris Martin


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looks like chris didn't actually compose the song. just singing a bit. from a ricky gervais interview:


Finally, Electricity...


This is the odd one out on the album because it’s almost as if Brent has written this song after the movie, because in the film he tells a co-worker that he’s going to write about what’s happened to him, but ‘with a Coldplay vibe’. Because that’s what Chris Martin does: he takes ordinary, everyday things and makes them about the Universe.


And the joke is, when it kicks in over the end credits it’s exactly like a Coldplay song. In fact it’s like every one of their songs stolen and mismatched and put into this vehicle for Brent to sing about the Universe. And I thought it would be funny as a little Easter egg for Chris Martin to sing on it, but just the last few bars. When he heard the song he started laughing and said, ‘No I get it... let me help you to take the piss out of me’! But if Brent’s not singing it, it’s a cracking track! But this song is the odd one out; it’s like the behind the scenes of the movie taking over…


Q: Because it would be difficult imagining Chris Martin duetting with David Brent?


A: Of course. It does break the fourth wall really but only over the end credits…


Q: Although thinking about it, Chris Martin is a very lovely guy so maybe…


A: Oh yeah honestly, if there was a rep somewhere who bumped into Chris and asked him to do him a favour, Chris Martin would actually do it because he likes to help people!



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