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A new elimination game!


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LiTii 4

Speed of Sound 4

Strawberry Swing 1

In My Place 0


Ok, after seeing how you've voted, I think that we should keep playing without LiTii and Speed of Sound, don't you think? In that way we could definitely finish this phase and proceed to the next one haha


So let's make the final battle of the first round! Choose the song you like the least:

In My Place

Strawberry Swing

It's a really hard decision, but I choose Strawberry Swing!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Strawberry Swing 4

In My Place 0 --> We have the winner of the 1st round!


These were the songs which received 2 votes in the previous game. Now we keep on playing with the songs which received 3 votes... this is getting harder and harder!


Chose the song you don't like!


Violet Hill





I choose AROBTTH.

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Yes! Everybody can play of course!

So far, we have these results... but please keep on voting! I'd like to have more opinions before eliminating any song, this is so hard! o_O


Violet Hill 1


Politik 1

Yellow 1

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