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[2017-6-30] Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany


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Good morning. We’re very pleased to announce the first wave of 2017 dates for the A Head Full Of Dreams Tour. The 13 European stadium shows – and ticket details – are as follows:



Fan pre-sale – Wed, October 5, 10am / General sale – Fri, October 7, 10am



Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/782863952401272832

Support: Tove Lo and Femme Schmidt

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  • PK 1 Sitzplatz
    138.15 EUR*
    (Endpreis zzgl. Versand)
  • PK 2 Stehplatz Innenraum
    109.40 EUR*
    (Endpreis zzgl. Versand)
  • PK 3 Sitzplatz
    100.78 EUR*
    (Endpreis zzgl. Versand)
  • PK 4 Sitzplatz
    74.90 EUR*
    (Endpreis zzgl. Versand)

Heavy prices. Even more expensive then last year

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Oh no, so expensive !!! :dizzy2:

And no FOS...seems the closest places to the band are for the $$$$ people again. I thought in Europe the pricing was much better than in the US, last year it was !


And yes, where did you find those prices ? I didn't find any information on TM.


Thanks @Nie for pointing me here

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It's awful to see what these ticket companies charge for a simple letter !

And that's probably even without "order processing fee", "service fee" and all that..


For my Wembley they charged me 20€ for delivery!

And I had a lot of trouble to receive it because DHL came unexpected and I was at work (twice).


Well, since every German venue seems to be this expensive...

I will have to eat "bokes with choco" from now until June. :D


Those Early Entry tickets are way too high. I'm going for a normal standing ticket.

I will arrive in Frankfurt the day before so I can queue early.

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