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The Private Gig Game: Step One


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Ok, now I'm back on the forums and active again, how about we get a new game up and running?


This game is entitled The Private Gig Game.


You have five bands (three supports, a sub-headliner and a headliner) that you need to pick for a private gig at your house. The list of bands below is the list you need to pick from. There are certain amounts of money for each band, though, and you'll all be given (a fake) £900,000 to spend. Choose wisely, as each band costs different amounts. After you've picked (within the money range), another thread will be made where you can decide the setlists and order the bands will play.

Here is the list:

U2: £600,000

Metallica: £600,000

Coldplay: £450,000

Muse: £450,000

Radiohead: £300,000

Pearl Jam: £200,000

Linkin Park: £200,000

Green Day: £200,000

The Strokes: £190,000

Nine Inch Nails: £150,000

Blur: £140,000

Tame Impala: £130,000

Kings Of Leon: £100,000

Panic! At The Disco: £100,000

Arctic Monkeys: £100,000

Gorillaz: £100,000

twenty one pilots: £75,000

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds: £75,000

Interpol: £60,000

Kasabian: £60,000

Beck: £60,000

Tycho: £60,000

The 1975: £50,000

Bring Me The Horizon: £50,000

Foals: £50,000

Catfish & The Bottlemen: £20,000

Imagine Dragons: £20,000

Slaves: £16,000

The Hives: £16,000

Incubus: £10,000

Boards Of Canada: £10,000

Keane: £10,000

Stereophonics: £5,000

The Jesus & Mary Chain: £5,000

Sundara Karma: £3,000

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can i just make Coldplay play twice as long? no? :P


man, this was gonna be my pick:

Headliner: Coldplay

Sub: Pearl Jam

Support: Panic! at the Disco, Gorillaz, Beck

but it comes out to 910,000 :sob:


so instead i will go with this:


Headliner: Coldplay

Sub: Pearl Jam

Support: Panic! at the Disco, Beck, Sundara Karma (i've never heard of them but the name is cool :P)

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