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Hello everyone :)

vico xt

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Hi everybody,

I'm new to this site that I discovered recently, and I saw this "New members" category, so I had to say hello!

I didn't listen too much Coldplay before, until I listened the song "O" (or "Fly On"? :confused:) back in 2014. I was so touched by this masterpiece that I thought "I have to discover more songs of this group!". So here I am, currently waiting for the new EP... ;)

Now I'm going to see more threads, and if I make any mistakes writing, I'm sorry, English isn't my native language (I'm Spanish).

See you soon! :)


Edit: Fly On :yum

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Hello! Welcome to Coldplaying. I'm also a recent member here as you may (or may not idk :D) seen in thread before yours, but until know the reception as been lovely so I think your going to be in good hands. :)

Also, I love your profile pic! It looks like I've found another person who also as Will as their favourite band member :rolleyes:

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