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Best ever live performance?


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Hi, I was just wondering what other people consider Coldplay's best ever live performance? It can be one song or an entire concert. My favorite is Politik from the Live 2003 DVD, since it has an amazing energy, but I definitely don't know all of them.

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Personally, the whole Live 2003 setup is my favourite, specially Don't Panic, Moses (underrated), AROBTTH, and Politik. Love how much more intimate it feels and the sound is excellent. However, one performance that I have always considered to be amazing was Life in Technicolor ii Tokyo 2009... I'd like to hear it live someday as well (still on the bucket list to go to one of their concerts though...)

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Best performance as a whole has gotta be Toronto 2006 (How We Saw the World). The energy of that whole show was phenomenal, and that was the peak of Chris's voice imo. Live 2003 is a close second. Honestly, the guys are so good live that you could probably pick darn near any concert they've ever done and be blown away by it.


Best individual song performances:


Clocks - Toronto 2006

Swallowed in the Sea - Toronto 2006

Politik - Live 2003

ARoBttH - Live 2003

Life in Technicolor ii - Tokyo 2009

Yellow - Live 2012

Paradise - Glastonbury 2016 (as someone who has experienced it twice now, that remix they do on the outro is godlike live)

Up&Up - Tidal 2015

The Hardest Part/Postcards from Far Away - LeftRightLeftRightLeft (2009)

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Spies - Glasto 2002

See You Soon - Live 2003

AROBTTH - Live 2003

Everything's Not Lost - Glasto 2011 / Live 2003

Everglow at Belasco

Don't Panic - Glasto 2002

Death and All His Friends - LRLRLRL

Politik - Live 03, in How We Saw the World Chris doesn't sing the bridge before Will comes in which for me is a dealbreaker but it's still certainly very good, more emotion than 03 I think.

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