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Modest Mouse


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i figured since they're getting kind of big maybe some more people would know about them. :) they've been around for a long time now :stunned:



anyone like them :huh:


i think they were on that show carson daily has...which i cannot think of what the hell it's called at the moment.

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So, who here can name some favorites, new or old?


cuz...currently, i am Modest Mouse obsessed.... *drools*

Dukes Up, Paper Thin Walls, Dramamine, Gravity Rides Everything, Edit the Sad parts....and i really do like all that is in GNFPWLBN<<<whoa :stunned:



I even designed a Modest Mouse shirt! It has lyrics to The World at large in front and a mouse covered up by a picket fence in the back...hmmm i should take a piccie of it :thinking:

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I bought GNFTPWLBN without hearing any of the songs from that album

And I love it, I had heard of them because I already heard a few tracks from The Moon and Anttartica.

But fav songs would be Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset, Shit Luck, World At Large, Black Cadillacs, Dramamine and The Stars Are Projecters

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