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Coldplay admits, Few Albums Left

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This podcast gave me some pause while I listened to it. It appears that the band they have some idea of when they like to cease making new albums for Coldplay. 

I do recognize that all the bandmates (from my understanding) are Fathers now and it must be difficult to balance raising their kids and being wrapped up with responsibilities of being a well-known musicians.

Have upright respect for them and the fact they have a plan how they see the future of this band.


Just makes me slightly sad because I always had this mental image of seeing them play live when these fellows are in their sliver-fox stage like late 60s or so and now I'm not sure if they'll commit to that. I grew up in an household where my Father took me to, The Moody Blues and Paul McCartney and these Gents were well past their prime age-wise however they had a lot of energy to give. I really admired I saw them.

Wish I could take my daughter to a Coldplay show however she's not quite old enough right now so it makes me wonder if I'll have that opportunity that my Father once gave to me.

Now that I type it out, its terribly selfish of me to want them to play into their late 60s ... the band ultimately has the final say and if they sense they can do something else with their lives that is more meaningful or different or whatever they should pursue it.

Maybe I'm making a big fuss over nothing.



Podcast Interview with Chris Martin:



Speaking on 'The Zach Sang Show' (podcast version, not YouTube cut of the interview) Chris Martin said:

“I do know how many albums we have left as a band and it's not that many before we're gonna stop making albums, I think.”






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I don't think they'll stop performing at concerts even if they stop making albums.

They could still drop new songs even though they've done recording for albums.
Chris has always said something that makes us think they're working on their last album

so I would't take his word for it.

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