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Coldplay and Budapest are two of my favorite bands....anyone ever heard of Budapest???...I just added them to my fave band list (along w/ coldplay and radiohead) ..I’m interning at Universal & I got to hear the advanced copy of their cd.. It’s gonna be released next month here in the u.s. ..the lyrics have so much meaning…the entire cd rocks!!

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helloooooo welcome :D


i have to many fave bands lol but ill make ya a top ten



1 coldplay

2 muse

3 radiohead

4 blur

5 foo fighters

6 queens of the stone age

7 within temptation

8 idlewild

9 R.E.M

10 sublime


and many many more but like i said its only a few of them

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U2' date=' doves, coldplay, radiohead, travis, sigur ros.[/quote']

listening till the doves for the first time right now, i like it so far!


I dont preserve myself for any precise bands (except cp) so i dont really know what to post.... i like all sorts of music and many bands :shrug:

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