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Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..


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Yeah its one of the top 20. But let's be honest I love all his pics.

I'll go back a few pages so I could enjoy and after few minutes of enjoying I'll go to sleep and dream... (:wink3:)


I only discovered the wonder of Colplaying.com a few months ago, and this particular thread about 8 weeks ago. As well as adding stuff to the current part of the thread, I'm slowly working my way through this thread from the beginning. So much fun!!!


Sweet dreams!

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hee! my facebook-post was no hint at all was it? :wink3: also, did I tell you I'm coming back in a month? :dance:




haha maid and cousin might have something to do with Angie.. and goldbaglady.. and stuff. It's proper oldschool.

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Well, no.. she doesn't arrive until the end of September (29th I think) but she can totally come after that. It's just something you have to do if you're on Arcadian -- meet up in London, go to Lock, get drunk at 2 in the afternoon on Long Islands and do the dance *nods*



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lol did she like it? I can hardly remember it but I did hurt my neck doing it.

I know! She starts uni quite late and there's not that much of a point to get there before since that would just mean her having to move her stuff from one part of the uni to where she'll eventually live :/

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