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Post piccies of the sexy Mr Berryman..


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Hello all! I realize this is the place to post Guy pictures, but I wanted to stop in to say how nice Guy was when Angie, Mel, and I met him and Jonny. You can read the whole story in the live section under Chicago 7-23.


But basically, I was so nervous that I couldn't think or talk. I asked Jonny to sign his sign and said thank you, but that was all I could manage. Guy came around Jonny to talk to me and asked if we made the sign. He was curious about it. (when they first walked up to us he asked "Where's the Reign of Guy sign?" We were embarrased and said "that's for tonight" and did make one for him) I told him we got it online but couldn't remember the website (b/c I was talking to Guy). At least I realized I needed to ask him to sign the banner. That would have been really dumb if I didn't. But then I went back to staring at Jonny and listening to what Angie and him were saying. Guy was kinda standing to my left and everyone else was to my right. I should have talked to him some more cause he was right there next to me. I even dropped my water bottle at some point. He saw it and thought about going for it, but didn't. I'm glad b/c I would have felt dumb if he picked it up for me. At some point he walked back over to the right of Jonny and was talking to Mel and Angie. Mel asked him if he had been walking on Michigan Ave earlier, and he said "Yeah, I was just out for a stroll." Very cute! Then he volunteered that he also swam in the lake. Mel asked "Really? Isn't that kind of scary?" But he said it was great.


The best part was when he said "Jonny, let's get some pictures of you with your sign." I gave Jonny the sign and Guy told him to stand by this thing for a background. He told Mel and I to stand next to Jonny. He took a bunch of pictures. He turned the camera different ways. Then he asked me if I want him to take a picture of us with my camera. So I give Guy my camera and he takes a pic of Jonny and I for me! What a sweetheart! Guy really took care of me. Then he tried to hand my camera back to Jonny. I'm not sure why, haha. Maybe he was nervous? But the 2 of them didn't seem nervous at all, in contrast to me shaking from head to toe. But they did a great job trying to make us feel comfortable.


Anyways, what I am trying to say is that Guy was my Coldplay Angel that day. He made everything happen that I wanted to happen but was too terrified to ask for. I didn't have to ask. Guy was there! He didn't get upset that we were there for Jonny instead of him, just made a joke out of it. And the fact that Guy was in the same car with Jonny could be why they came up to us. They had to walk up a rather long ramp to get to us. Who knows if Jonny would do that by himself with his shyness. Guy was there for support/ encouragement (and probably some teasing).



Thank you Guy! You made dreams come true!:angel:

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Something to make your morning or night



ohh goooooooood morning! you did it again nky!:stunned:



Lori thanks for posting your story! I read it in the live section and saw your photo's soooo jealous!

this is my pic of guy soooo close


that's right.. it sucks...

after brixton we waited around an he just walked right past me! I was like: STUTTER! I asked him to sign my shirt and he looked at me... but stupid stupid me didn't bring a marker! (i know right what the hell is the matter with me!) :embarassed: I asked another girl for hers but when I got it Guy was already getting in the car so then i remember: take a picture you idiot!

this is what my brother in law made:


yes that is Jonny getting in the car

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lndnsky, sorry!! :embarassed:

i had no idea that pic was your avatar, but i've changed mine!


Its OK. I was just kidding. You can change it back to that one. It really doesnt bother me at all. There are so many people here it can happen that some of us have same avatar or sign.

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