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whoa!! u remembered my name! :P Hi Giulia!! Im doing ok, i just recorded a new coldplay cover hehe so im really happy :D what about u bella? :kiss:



haha yup, my sis noni..hehe she's in Rome right now..i've been to italy so long ago..i can hardly remember :stunned:

Ciao bello!

I'm incredibly happy 'cos the scool has just ended!Where are you going on holiday?I'm going in Croatia on July the 3rd

@Rome:I wish I will be able to go @ the Europe music awards of this year, 'cos they'll take place in Rome!!!

Which instrument do you play?I play the bass :cool: and I sing too (not together yet, 'cos it's a bit hard!). I just have learnt Trouble and Clocks bass lines! :D I'm trying to tab Daylight 'cos I haven't found its tab anywhere :/ ...

Ciao Bella! Come stai ? :kiss:

Whoa! lucky you! 2 weeks left for me then Im free! wooooo! i dont think i'll be going out coz im ill :bigcry:

You're going to Croatia? sweet! have fun! :cool:

I didnt know the ema would be in Rome :stunned: I wish i could go :(

oh, im a guitar player and i've been trying to play the bass for a few months but im not that good hehe..I might post a few link of my coldplay covers later if u want :D

i so know what u mean, its damn hard sing and play at the same time :/

Btw, you might find this tab useful : http://mxtabs.net/tabs.php?path=Bass,c,1886,Coldplay,Daylight,75512

I think im off for now

Arrivederci :P

Ciao Renato!

GRAZIE!!!!I've been looking for that tab for ages!!My bass teacher tried to write it down just yesterday!

I know, it's very difficult to play and sing @ the same time, infact I think I'll just play...I can't leave my bass! :D I tried to sing and play Clocks and it's not very diff. 'cos the bass part is very easy.

Sure I want to listen to your covers! :D

Get well soon!

Ciao Giulia!

Oh, np! Glad i could help ya with the tabs :P

haha same here,i cant leave my guitar..i tried to play and sing shiver and it was really tricky.

I'll try to upload my new covers somewhere so u can listen to 'em :P

and thx! im feeling way better now.. the only thing that scares me now is my final exam this monday :bigcry: but after that im free! wooooo! :D

Take care bella! :cool:


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Ok let's restart whith the lessons!

The verbs (I'll take some knowledges from by grammar book 'cos some things aren't very easy to explain!)


The indicative mood:

it consists of 8 tenses


simple tenses

PRESENTE (present)



Is used 4 an event which lasted in the past



It shows an event ahppened in a past ended



(simple future)

It shows an event that will happen


compound tenses



It shows an event happened recently



It shows an event happened in the past, before another event



it shows an event happened an ended in the past before another event



It shows an event that will have to be done before another future event


Tomorrow I'll show you some examples whith te verb ESSERE (To be)

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