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There's this girl you see.... HELP ME!


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i used to post threads about my lady troubles

personally i say fuck women

why do we get so hyped over them?

they're just human like us

its lame impressing them


besides any girl who would make a good girlfrend will like you for who you are, and you wont need to impress her. if you need to bother she's not right for you anyways.

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Guest Ethinyloestradiol

mine dropped right around the time when every young boy dreams of becoming a man, for me and my brothers it was a difficult time, we were all going through changes, we were beginning to notice girls, i no longer enjoyed seeing my father naked in the mornings and i was maturing everyday, ohhh that was such a long time ago......

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Guest Ethinyloestradiol

oh it used to excite me, but as i grew older, i matured, oh no my cd player, i dont smoke, but thanks anyway

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