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Favourite Lesser Known Movies


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Has anyone seen the movie Pie? As in the Maths symbol.


Its 2 hours of black and white, dark dark lighting, of a guy in an apartment trying to work out a Maths problem. I dont know where it was made because there are no credits at the end of it and oh yeah the film has no talking, just gasps of confusion from the main actor (Or actually the only actor).


I've seen it 5 times, its brilliant, and incredibly, incredibly challenging to watch.


There was an updated version made a couple of years ago, it actually gets shown on network television reaaally late at night, sometimes. Ive only watched parts of it but its not as good, or intense. Its made to appeal more.

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yessss! i've seen it and i agree it's brill but bot everyone's movie! strange you did not get to see the credits at the end. made by darren aronofsky, the same guy who directed requiem for a dream so yeah that guy is pretty psyched :dizzy2:

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Yeah, the screen just went black, and then it went straight to commercials. I thought it was a commercial break, which didnt seem to make sense.


I think 99% of people would HATE this movie, its very frustrating, even for someone whos REALLY REALLY into movies.

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