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What a totally fucked up place that is, I can't honestly believe it, just now had to lock a thread that was getting racist


They've even taken to slagging off Debs one of the mods, who helped Coldplay get a record deal :o


And I've been promised a good kicking on Brighton beach if I ever venture that far south :lol:

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they really are so many imbreds there :stunned:


i hardly ever visit - far too many nasty people


here its much more peachy :D


don't worry Ian - If your heading to Brighton to bash some heads i'll be right there with u m8y :cool:


*goes to find baseball bat* :lol:

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its like being a press reporter in iraq' date=' should I stay or should I go! :o[/quote']


bad example!

Your life in not under threat there

and you are not able to cover those amazing, but dangerous, thing going on

I don't even get close to the official board

I would be a volunteer for Irak, not a reporter though

I would probably take pictures or work in the Red Cross (though I hate blod :dozey)

Anyway, I would go! :D

Hence, bad example!

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