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Ah please make it stop!


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I have the loudest neighbour! He plays his trance music and his hippy music until 4am! EVERY NIGHT! I mean it's 1.50 am now and it's only begun! :dozey:


Show him what real music is....ME!!!...lol erm no sorry i mean Muse and Coldplay and whateva else uv got in ur record collection



i know blast Hyper Music really loud and scream Matt stylie :guitarist: :drummer:

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lol yeah I get him back when I know he has a day off or when he's not up yet but on saturdays he starts drilling and hammering at 9am :dozey: :snore:

I don't think he likes muse :sneaky: we usually have a blasting competition~whose music can be the loudest :lol: :rolleyes:

I usually don't care it's just that my nephew was staying here this weekend and he kept waking him up :angry: :rolleyes:

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