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She was more like late 20's when she made the film! She was like 28 playing a 16 year old, I no kid here.


And she could still get away with playing it today (Well, an 18 year old anyway) she still looks fantastic.

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Not late 30's, when I said 40, I meant a GOOD 40, like maybe mid 40's. She was in that train movie in like 1991, and she was about 28 at the youngest and 32 at the oldest then, so she could be like 41-45ish.


I'd look her up! But my momma's right here and she'd be like "Whos that? :huh: "


My parents think the internet is the devil in every form :lol:

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i remember her being on the cosby show too, and that was awhile ago. she looks fantastic. you certainly would guess she was as old as she is.


and as you ca plainly see from the kayne west video her tits are still as perky as a cheerleaders, may god bless me with such luck when i turn 40.

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