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Star Wars Episode III

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I don't know! some people say that George Lucas is a genius.... ok i know that the Star Wars saga is really cool... but give me a break.... is the only thing that he can do....... :o

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Hayden CAN'T ACT! :P





OF COURSE HE CAN'T ACT!!! he just can be hot! :lol:


hahahahahahaha :lol: :lol: I'll agree with you on that


Yeah!!! i think that Hayden Christenses doesn't deserve a chacter like Darth Vader..... Hayden looks sooooo boring...

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Whee. I have to say i still prefer the episodes 4-6, the original trilogy. No matter how many times i've seen them, there like sooo good. I didn't really like the new episodes, not that they were bad, i just didn't like them. I'll just have to see what the 3rd will be like :D


" may the force be with you, my young padawan " :rolleyes: :cool:

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Yeah, when you release the steam, you get that sound. :lol:


And about the new ones: despite the fact that I did enjoy Episode II, they just won't ever be what the first ones were, and 20 years from now, they'll probably be just a footnote. They look too cartoonish and silly.


That's why I'm also kind of peeved that the only DVD release of the original trilogy will be the "special edition" versions. :dozey:

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