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Letterman or Leno?


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Whos better?


Well, its obvious to me. Show by show stats!


Leno spends the opening 10 minutes doing standup, he drags out his jokes, he makes a lot of bad jokes and then has to try and rescue himself by making a joke about how bad the joke was. Then, Leno spends 10 or 15 minutes, REALLY dragging out the funny news article things, which are, genuinely very funny, but after about 7 or 8 minutes of it you begin to wonder where this is going. He doesnt necessarily have better guests every night, but most nights his guests are slightly better but guests tend to generate between Leno and Letterman anyway. He spends a very limited amount of time with his guests, sometimes only 2 or 3 minutes, it isnt always funny and can be very uninteresting. Leno really drags it out when his guest makes a mistake about something.


Lettermans show has less of a format, theres definately more skits, involving random people, theres more parts to the show, his standup at the start is only a couple minutes long so he doesnt drag it out too long and most of his jokes are quite of good quality. Its shorter but better. They have different ideas for performing acts, like the Beastie Boys walking down the street doing Check it Out last week, and Phish ontop of the Late Show theatre was also very sweet. Leno, Ive never seen anything differently performed. Theres the top 10, George Bush's random thing, the stupid little thing they do after the intro (With him and Paul, last week it was the Green Beans joke, and now its the kid from Jeapordy who keeps on winning) which is arguably dragged on long enough for a week, but I like it, they vary on the joke and mix it up. Its like an insider joke, its like Im their friend! Whoohoo!


Aanyway, Leno doesnt have too much to offer. Letterman has the top 10, the guy around the corner, the random thing they do outside, the people who do random skits (That thing with Leno and the annoying voice guy was really bad comedy, and it dragged on for a while).


Theres so many reasons why Letterman is better. Jay Leno makes me chuckle from time to time but hes absolutely no match, I dont understand why Leno was moved to the bigger channel (And Letterman takes the piss out of himself and the channel about this, which is great- something Leno would never do).

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conan o'brien








as for the poll, i would say letterman. sometimes i like jay's guests better. i see that he tends to treat them nicely which is cool. letterman is always making fun of his guests. although, that sometimes makes it funnier. but, on the whole, i'd say letterman.

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definately Letterman. i go to his site and watch the little clips they've made...they're so funny sometimes. if anyone who likes Letterman didn't know about these. go to http://www.cbs.com/latenight/lateshow/dave_tv/ls_dtv_comedy_clips.shtml

and they're there. the top 10 one's aren't really funny, but other clips like "How The Media Covered Dave's Surgery" , "Dave And Paul Play Soccer at Wembley Stadium" & "The David Letterman Story" :lol:

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I can't stand Jay Leno...and I love watching Conan O'Brien make fun of him after Jay says "stick around for conan next!" hahaha. Jay Leno...woof, he's just not naturally funny to me. Conan is a nut, a freak, and hilarious. I never watch Letterman...ever. So I dunno about him. I just catch Jay once in a while cuz Conan comes on after him. "Be cool my babies!!"

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I'd defo watch Conan if it was on more regularly over here (Damn European CNBC is all screwed up) and the other guy, the guy after Jay, I just remember watching him in America and thinking he sucked so bad.


Conan probably beats them all, but I think if his show was too huge and mainstream it wouldnt be as effective. He kinda makes fun of his own "little" show, and its good like that.


The Reilly Late Show has been cancelled unforunately, the skit entitled "Laura's Creaming" made the producers push it back to the 12am watershed timing, until they actually saw what it was and wanted nothing to do with it.


Yes folks, its naaasty... And creamy. MMMMM ummmm...

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