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This is insane....


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Guys mothers are bitches. Either that or guys lie very well.


Ever since school ended, my best friend and I haven't seen each other. His mom won't let him see me. Going to the mall? No...he could've biked to my house for a ride, but no, he wasn't allowed to see me.


I called him every fucking day for the past week, leaving many, many messages. Last night, I talk to his buddy, Andy. Andy said he was going to his house tomorrow for his birthday party. Yet I still hadn't received a call.


Today I call him, wondering. He said his mom wouldn't let him call me, let alone invite me. But no, the bitch Danielle is coming over. Not to mention he had gone to her pool party. Oh yeah, and goes to church 2 times a week with her.


Sorry guys I had to vent, i am having a shity day. :dozey: :cry2:

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My mom is awesome too...but this woman is....jesus. Me and him are not even going out, he dosen't like me that way. But she was never happy we hung out at school. She did tell him that once, that she didn't like how I "stole her baby". Mind you, he has 9 brothers and sisters, 4 younger brothers. I think she'll live. :dozey:

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ok course!...imagine I have a boyfriend (that measn a friend) and he has 2 bros...and her mom is just so especial with them...thank god she´s cool but sometimes she´s just a bitch with the girls around them!...not me of course she likes my name! :D :sneaky:

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