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  1. Oh great! I kinda don't need that since I have the 1999 edition of the CD, I love it!!! I ripped the WAVs from there :P
  2. I'd get the WAV or AIFF instead :p Congrats! Also, they should've chosen another colors for the vinyls, like redish orange and dark blue, as the colors of he artwork... :/
  3. I don't want to be "that guy", but I think sharing full official releases like this is not allowed in the forum... :/
  4. Reminded me to X Marks The Spot at times...
  5. I thought this was some kind of artwork leak for a moment! Looks great!!! Could you please PM me those versions you have? :P
  6. I personally love having all possible versions/variants of a song, so I wouldn't mind having different leaks besides the original due to come out later this year ;)
  7. I'd love to see some VLV related ones!!!
  8. Looks awesome! You should definitely do some Viva La Vida inspired art with brush painted writing!!! I love that concept...
  9. Isn't ASCAP a place where the songs get registered once they got aired/broadcasted in some way? Maybe 'Conscious Pilot' is part of something we've already seen/heard. Also, there must be a members-only section there to pre-register unreleased recordings, and they eventually appear listed there once they get released...
  10. Wow... "A Man For All Seasons (Still Goin' Strong)"... Sounds like a good song to me!!! Is there a way to know when these songs were registered on ASCAP? https://www.ascap.com/repertory#ace/search/workID/888684208
  11. Can you provide the link for this, please? :O
  12. Hope it gets a music video, or at least a lyric video with great visuals. Can't help but feel this song as 'A Sky Full Of Stars part 2' because of the sound/progression it has!
  13. I thought the site/forums got slashed by that crappy article 13 or something... Thank goodness it's back!!!
  14. I'd love to have the FLAC version, please. Could you PM it to me?
  15. It's legit, I downloaded those files from there, no issues...
  16. MarckozZ

    Fun (feat Tove Lo)

    It's was a demo written for Viva La Vida, then Chris gave it to Natalie Imbruglia.
  17. Says "March 2019 - to go to Kawai UK", so that's when we are now, but that January recording piano stuff... sounds intersting...
  18. Imagine having billions on your bank account because of your last successful world tour and having all the time in the world to do whatever you want, plus you know how to compose music and have all the equipment and instruments needed to do that all the time... I'd love to spend a whole year composing and tinkering with music... And we all know Chris, he just can't help but compose new tunes even on the go, his phone must be full of voice notes with song ideas. Obviously we will get something, at the end of this year at the soonest!
  19. The real question is, does people still listen to radio? xD I don't know when was the last time I tuned in a radio station on purpose. Can't live without Spotify tho... Regarding a song being overplayed always gets you kinda bored, so you have to put it to rest for some time. Now I'm obsessed with the early demo of Talk!!! Such a mesmerizing demo!!! But I guess I'll get obsessed with another song very soon since I've been with Talk on repeat for several days now...
  20. Totally... CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!!
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