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    Fun (feat Tove Lo)

    It's was a demo written for Viva La Vida, then Chris gave it to Natalie Imbruglia.
  2. Says "March 2019 - to go to Kawai UK", so that's when we are now, but that January recording piano stuff... sounds intersting...
  3. Imagine having billions on your bank account because of your last successful world tour and having all the time in the world to do whatever you want, plus you know how to compose music and have all the equipment and instruments needed to do that all the time... I'd love to spend a whole year composing and tinkering with music... And we all know Chris, he just can't help but compose new tunes even on the go, his phone must be full of voice notes with song ideas. Obviously we will get something, at the end of this year at the soonest!
  4. The real question is, does people still listen to radio? xD I don't know when was the last time I tuned in a radio station on purpose. Can't live without Spotify tho... Regarding a song being overplayed always gets you kinda bored, so you have to put it to rest for some time. Now I'm obsessed with the early demo of Talk!!! Such a mesmerizing demo!!! But I guess I'll get obsessed with another song very soon since I've been with Talk on repeat for several days now...
  5. Totally... CANT WAIT TO WATCH IT!!!!
  6. Which of the guys from the band do you think would've survived Thanos' snap? :dizzy:
  7. So far, we can guess LP8 will have at least: * Heavy pop influence * Collaborations I just hope Rick Simpson makes a better job this time... to this day, I think AHFOD and Kaleidoscope EP mastering sounds odd tbh! He did a great job from Viva to Ghost Stories tho... I know he can do better...
  8. Is someone of you guys getting this email from the OP? :P
  9. Oh, I thought they were official. Do you have any sample of your work to listen how they sound?
  10. Where do you get the files? Are they official or what?
  11. Internal CD is a disc they burn just to make someone listen to what they're working on (demos, unmastered songs, early recordings), maybe to handle it to producers, managers and so on, people that work with them as part of the team on the record label. And this seems to be the case, I can't say if that's a fake, but the audio, how the song sounds and the fact that it has the instrumental and an isolated vocal track of a version I've never heard before, make me think that at least the content on that CD is legit!
  12. Man, you don't sound surprised at all, am I wrong or is it that the lyrics are totally different from the One I Love we already know??? It even appears to have a different ending and lyrics!!! :/ The seller says: A rare 4-track internal sampler of the B-side THE ONE l LOVE by COLDPLAY Includes a previously unreleased version of the song with: alternate lyrics (or extra verses), different intro (guitar solo) and an instrumental outro that was intended to connect with another track. Length of the demo is 5:20'' while the released version on 'In My Place' single is 4:35'' In fact,it has alternative lyrics!!!!
  13. OMG Never heard those lyrics before man!!! So different from the original One I Love song!!!!!!!! Sounds like it is an early version of it!!! :O I'm amazed!!!!!! If someone has this track... PLESE SHARE IT!!!!!
  14. Agree... Years ago, we kinda had the chance to guess what was comming from the guys, I mean, from Parachutes to AROBTTH to X&Y, we kinda could expect guitars and piano all over the place. Now we dont know if LP8 will have rap artists featuring, EDM, trap sounds, latin artists... it kinda scares me and excites me at the same time, since I know the band will do their best to make a great album anyway.
  15. I'd love to see them go back to a more clasical sound like VLV, but definitely id love to hear some more guitar on the new album, I mean, distortion, even more 'heavy' percussion, like in Lost!... DONT BRING POP BACK AGAIN!!! BUT I'm prepairing myself to hear some more cheap EDM sounds and collabs with a lot of artists... :(
  16. I have the 5 track version, never found the 7 track one...
  17. I see he was very angry and sad. He didn't even punched the guy, just took away his camera and the guy just seemed to fall because of trying not to loose the device. I totally understand that reaction from Chris giving the fact he and Gwyneth supposedly just lost a child.
  18. Actually, the song credits state that 'Birds' incorporates Moses Martin playing the guitar. My guess is that Moses plays that almost odd guitar part you hear on the left channel of the song. That would explain why it sounds like 'amateur playing' (no ofense to you, Moses :P )
  19. So I'm not the onlyone that thinks ID songs sound almost the same, similar percussion/drums, guitar riffs and so on...
  20. Obviously, the cassette edition fades on different places, I guess they have 6 tracks per side!
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