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  1. I thought those weren't made anymore! Cool!
  2. Could you PM me those versions please?
  3. Could you please send it to me as well please? :D
  4. Oh I just saw this picture!!! Love it!!!!
  5. BTW, do you happen to have the magazine you're talking about? I want to see the reference for the promo I have! :P
  6. Thanks for your answer! Well, I'm glad to have this promo in my collection, which is growing very well this days.!
  7. I paid U$S8.00, taking into account things in my country are so overpriced... Anyway, as I said, this looks different since it's a radio promo. But everything else in the release (quality of printing, serigraphy on the CD, branding and codes below the cd) tells me this is legit.
  8. Take into account this is a promo release for radio purposes (before the actual AROBTTH album came out), maybe that`s why it looks so different. Besides that, if you see the CD matrix, it has all the info that is also printed on the cover (such as catalog number and label). Plus, the CD is from the same manufacturer that made my X&Y copy (Teltron) bought on 2005 here in Argentina. If this is a bootleg, is a VERY good one! The way the CD is printed is also very high quality, just like the one found on official CD releases. The readable part of the CD has also the traditional silver color from a legit CD, not greenish as a normal CD-R... Those details and more tell me this is legit, since I have a big collection of CDs from the band to compare to (argentinian radio promos and UK singles as well).
  9. Guys, today I received this great promo of "In My Place"!!! As I couldn't find it on Discogs, I uploaded it to the database! :D Have you seen it before? Really love it!!! https://www.discogs.com/es/Coldplay-In-My-Place/release/12013177
  10. Hey man! Could you please PM me all those stems? :D
  11. Could you rip the song so we can listen to it? That would be awesome!
  12. Nice find!!! Is it music? Or some kind of interview?
  13. That happens to me every single time I hear songs like Speed Of Sound, Animals, Spies, Bigger Stronger and so on... It's hard not to remember my years as a teen, listening to this songs later at a quiet night, remembering people that are not around anymore... I trully miss that years/eras, and thet fact they almost hate those songs/eras is a pain in the butt! Ghost Stories was such a relief, the songs reminded me to the ancient Coldplay, specially Ghost Story and Always In My Head!
  14. Glad you like what I upload to my YouTube Channel! :P Please subscribe! :D
  15. So I guess the CD will come in a similar way Prospekt's March came, in a cardboard sleeve... Am I right?
  16. Hey guys! My collection just got bigger! I got my hands on a copy of this rare promo, released on Colombia back in 2006! Great tracks as well!!! INFO In Discogs, this item was sold by aprox. 50 euros... but I got it for 5 dollars! LOL!!!! So, Im happy with this!!!
  17. Prospekt's March came out on Nov 2008, and, as we saw on the documentary, Eno was at the studio with the band in mid 2009. It's just an MX leftover (possibly the song formerly known as "Alien Radio"). As someone pointed out in the A L I E N S thread, back in 2009 Roadie 42 wrote a log mentioning a strange/unusual drum beat Will brought to the studio. It was possibly A L I E N S.
  18. I was about to say the same... LOL! Anyway it looks good!
  19. I guess it is to compensate all the times they changed the release date of the EP. Anyway, we only have one song left to hear the day the EP gets released!
  20. I'll die if I miss them live this time!!!
  21. Interesting thoughts there... I'll keep this in mind!
  22. The speakers works as a receiver inside the Xylobands! Also, in Android, the app doesn't require any permission to use the microphone, that means the app does not listen to the environment around the phone... So I guess you'll have to tap randomly when the song is played live since the app doesn't use any microphone on the device.!
  23. A Lie Inside Every Night Story IDK LOL! Can't imagine an acronym for this...
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