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  1. I'd love to get a copy of that yet-to-be-leaked iTunes Movie edition of the concert, please! PM me if you get it..
  2. Mat said the extra bit that was displayed on the cinemas at the end of the film wouldn't be there so I wasn't expecting to see it on the DVD, but I spected something more, like the extras on the Live 2012 or 2014. Anyway, can't wait to get the Package!
  3. Listen to Ode To Deodorant... That always cheers me up! XD... By the way, am I the only one who got excited by listening to that song in high quality on the AHFOD film? I just hope we get the real studio version some day... I wonder who had the CD with the master recording of that song to rip it and add it to the film, maybe Phil?...
  4. At least you experienced that magic on a given time... I actually never got the chance to go to one of their shows, because of not having enough money or because of work... I feel really bad when I think of all the times they came to my country and I never got to see them...
  5. Hey, maybe this thread is too old but... where can I get this video but the 4:3 version? I can tell this video was cropped to be 16:9 now, and I’d love to have the original non re-scaled version if possible... thanks!
  6. Listening to Voodoo once again and I'm liking it more... Now I can see Mylo Xyloto on two things: The intro that reminds me to the bridge of Major Minus and the drums on the first part are almost the same rythm as Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall... I know we are not supposed to compare Los Unidades to Coldplay but it's kinda difficult for me :P specially when they use some old elements on this song!
  7. Maybe... I was wondering the same. Maybe they used the intro from the demo version, maybe they brought that demo and the others involved made their own thing like lyrics and DJ production on top of that demo... I have to agree that the intro of Voodoo gives me some Mylo Xyloto feels, sounds like the bridge from Major Minus, with Jonny playing that soft riff with a lot of reverb on it... I like the intro of Voodoo to be honest... I'd scrap the spanish lyrics tho, since they sound SO CRAPPY (trust me on this one, as an Spanish native speaker, those lyrics are bad), but the intro and the outro of the song are good!!!!
  8. Got to say, I don't like all the songs on this EP, E-Lo its good I guess... Rise Up is kinda meh... Timbuktu, I have to listen to it once again. And I can see Voodoo intro coming back from 2010-2011, it sounds kinda similar to what we hear on Major Minus bridge. And totally hating this Danny Ocean part. I dislike the kind of music he makes... Got to listen to this EP several times more to like it.
  9. I'd love to get that "Voodoo" mention right. Was it mentioned on an interview? Or was the name spotted on some piece of paper like other tracks were before?
  10. XD I thought of that scene immediately! Where did you see it? Instagram? Facebook?
  11. Joining the WHAT THE HELL thread... What are we supposed to feel about this? Well, as long as they sound good as an alternative project, it's fine by me. It's kinda weird they re-used an old photo for this "new era". Also, the fact they made official accounts make me feel sad because of the name of this new project... Sounds bad on spanish, I mean, REALLY BAD :P But we have to get used to that...
  12. 1. Speed Of Sound 2. Animals 3. Ghost Story 4. Ode To Deodoranto_O 5. Spies
  13. How You See The World, the original version!
  14. Yes!!!!!!!! Thanks a LOT! I was worried that I was going to miss something if I got the ECW version instead of the Carlton one. I thought it would be a different book quality, like a cheaper finish, but I see they're both identical. COOL! Thanks for clearing this out! Another thing is, I see that the ECW is a little bit smaller than the Carlton one, am I correct?
  15. Was about to say that... Sometimes they performed songs from their upcoming album, like Animals and In My Place before AROBTTH came out... Maybe that's why they didn't include Life Is Beautiful on the live recordings of the upcoming live albums... About The Race, it's also possible that they release that track, just remember how ALIENS was featured on an old documentary around 2009? Years later we got the full track... Anyway, maybe they'll do the oposite and release just brand new songs altogether...
  16. Thanks, but I'll wait... I understand the engish language very well, so I can understand the movie perfectly!
  17. Buying the Butterfly Package on December so... XD Anyhow, I found the torrent, downloaded it and it's 8GB!!! Excelent quality! Is Engish the only language available for the subtitles?
  18. Coldplay + Brian Eno + Jon Hopkins = "Viva La Midnight", the 8th album!
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