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  1. I wonder if there was less toilet roll hoarding in Italy because they have bidets everywhere @Jonny and the cake ?
  2. [spoiler] text [/spoiler] it's the same as it was before actually. I thought it wouldn't work because this forum software doesn't support BBcode but to my surprise it did fan
  3. oi why on earth did you copy paste coldplay's entire wikipedia page mate? I think most of us here know that band thank you on topic: camera
  4. being temporarily unemployed because the company I work for is 95% closed ...but luckily I still live with my parents so I don't have to worry about any financial stuff. I ended up taking up running again, partly to have an excuse to go outside I have to admit. feels like life is just paused, really. I'm an introvert who's used to friends living too far away to be able to see them irl often (that's largely this forum's fault) so for now the weirdest thing is my social battery never runs out lol
  6. why is the text suddenly white on a white background help hahaha
  7. is it possible to redirect https://coldplaying.com/forum to https://coldplaying.com/forums ? Because that was my bookmark (and I assume any other people's), but now it doesn't work anymore because it's forums in the plural now. Obviously it takes less than a minute to just update the bookmark but maybe people who haven't visited in a while will think the forum is offline because they used an old bookmark
  8. ALT + S FOR QUICK POSTING WORKS AGAIN omg like in the old days
  9. oh no rip signature! so weird, I didn't even know forums without BBcode were a thing
  10. Looking good already! (apart from the known issues) and the fact that the old smileys are gone again, but I know why (they somehow prevented the whole database from importing and Stephen promised to bring them back faster this time)
  11. godDAMMIT can these fake passport posters stop ?! (thanks)
  12. isn't that just the radio edit? but it's true they're not that different from the standard version most of the time, just shortened
  13. You got tickets AND you won that contest?! dude play the lottery NOW!! You're so lucky omg. I'm really happy that prize went to "one of us", that doesn't happen too often with these things!
  14. My mum is currently doing a rather complicated knitting pattern and while trying to make sense of the instructions she said “this is some kind of code language” @ numbersperson please let my mum knit in peace and give us more clues
  15. It is sketchy, but we also can’t tell for sure if our numbersperson is the site admin
  16. If I’m gonna have to use the Pythagoras formula half a decade after I finished secondary school and any class to do with maths I swear-
  17. Are those emails from that site? the bitcoin thing is a good call, bitcoin transactions are irreversible by definition so naturally it’s used a lot by people with bad intentions bit then again, it’s also a popular internet thing I guess so not everyone trading bitcoin is a scammer i am SCEPTICALLL but also intrigued :wideeyed:
  18. Lol part of me thinks this is a load of BS part of me thinks he’s really trying to tell us something
  19. The IP check function isn’t functioning at the moment so I can’t abuse my mod powers hahahaha aghhhhgggg
  20. Ok that ain’t Base64 right? i’m getting a bunch of undecipherable stuff
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