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Mercury Music Prize Nominees.......


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Franz Frerdinand - Franz Ferdinand

Belle and Sebastian - Dear catastrophe waitress

Basement Jaxx - Kishkash

Jamelia - Thank you

Keane - Hopes and fears

Snow Patrol - Final straw

Joss Stone - Soul sessions

The Streets - A grand don't come for free

Amy Winehouse - Frank

The Zutons - Who killed The Zutons

Robert Wyatt - Cuckoo land

Ty - Upwards---



personally, i am rooting for the lovely SNOW PATROL!



what do people think of the nominations then? :)

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hahaha i'm still in shock... but i wrote something in muse thread :idea2: or in dominism? :stunned: no no muse.. haha



neeeenaaaaaaaa te lo vas a pasar en grandeeeeee! vas a flipar con muse!! son los dioses, los mejores y encima los cabrones lo saben!!!! :lol: :D

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I'm rooting for either Belle and Sebastian or Basement Jaxx, because they're the only artists on there that I would consider "above average." :P


Actually, I'm going with Basement Jaxx, because Dear Catastrophe Waitress wasn't even that great of an album. That's who I think deserves it (out of the nominees), I have no clue who will actually win.


Nor do I care. :P :smug:

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Franz Ferdidnad Snow Patrol deserve to win. However I reckon this is going to Amy Whisthouse who is appearing at the V festival ********* drools and excited at the prospect of seeing her perform!!


She has imense talent and is a hot prospect for having a long a sussesful carrer. Go Amy !!

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