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i've had the sims2 since it came out last year, and before i had ALL the sims expansion packs cause i was super crazy about sims... but i really prefer the first sims over the second- yeah the graphics are great, and it's nice to see them grow up, but it gets really boring really fast, and it's not fun raising kids. The first sims just had more gameplay oprions because of all the expansion packs. I guess that when more EPs come out for THE SIMS2 it'll get better

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the sims 2 is slowing my pc down really badly.. I can't build any big-ass villas because my computer will burn down if I try to let a family live in it.. :/

I don't like the sims that much anymore anyway, so I kinda forgot that I have it.. last week I found a few of the expansion packs of the sims 1 back.. they weren't kept save, they just lay around everywhere.. some discs were even broken in two :stunned:

not very good of me :rolleyes:

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