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Sweet One

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yes, I really liked Jude Law's skits, the one with Paris and Nicole Hilton was really good.


HAHAH! yeah, that was hilarious!! :lol:


And how about the Ashlee Simpson screw up?


and yes, oh gosh! how embarrassing is that!? She just walked off the stage and the band kept playing.


http://www.collegehumor.com/news/ashlee_snl.wmv (for those who haven't seen it.



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i really want to see the film.....

jude law in a segggsy suit... mmm!


i will be seeing it in about 11 days when i go to see my b/f, perhaps not a good idea, going to see it with him, as i will be drooling at the screen the whole time :cool: :lol:

i'll let y'all know what i thought of it :D

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