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does ne1 support a footie team if so wat is it?


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ha...^^ ;) i like to see Man City beat Man Utd as much as possible, i like Kevin K. i support Newcastle, (my nearest club). Also..for the football boffins here...Barry Venison (who used to play for Newcastle when he had his long blonde hair, but now is on the 'panel' on ITVs Premiership) used to live in my back street, and, now, his dad still does :) and i used to go for walks with his dads dog, called Lady :freak:

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bah... it wasn't a great match... :rolleyes:

last saturday, wow amazing match (poor r. madrid :lol: :lol: )


hey, ali... estos dias me acorde de ti cuando veia por las calles de barcelona a los seguidores del celtic con sus camisetas :P

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