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Welcome back noni!

Mojo Pin

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NONI PORNI!!!!!!!!!

i heard u r coming back this sunday and i just had to make this thread!plz ,plz,plz, stay this time, this is not the same at all without you!

Im the only maniac left on this board and its oh so sad :cry:


We have to take over our old threads!

*hails v-lo/noni porni/noni banoni /robononi*


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Oh my God, you made a thread!! You're damn lovely, Ren!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, I'm so touched!! :kiss:


Thaaaaanaaaak you very much to everyone for your nice words, I've missed you a lot!! I hope I'll have more free time to be online often, although I'm back to the slow dial-up conection, ggggggrrrr... :angry:

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Aaaaaaaaw, my little bro... you're right, we must conquer some threads, just in honour of the old members!


Yeah, dial-up again, I had broadband at my parents' home but I haven't enough money now, so 56 k for me... :/ And no, not Telefonica, damn bastards!! :angry:

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