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Christmas Shoppers are MAD!

Sweet One

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i hate it when the shoppers throw all the clothes everywhere and everything is all disorganized.. :( then it makes it harder for me to find what i want..


or the annoying people who hover over you while you look at something. ... and then the minute you put it down, they snatch right up.. (what if you wanted to come back later and buy it, but still had to look at other stuff?)

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:lol: Jeez Laura..don't be such a freaking hippie.


Man, I got bodychecked on the weekend by this woman who was trying to get at the gloves and scarfs bin before anyone else...CRAaaAAaazy. And the best is when people walk through the malls and don't even look where they're going because they're looking in some store window. :cheesy:

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:lol: Cool, cool..


I'm pretty much always in some sort of dream state. :P


Not much is new with me, same ol same ol. Can't wait until the holidays are here, because that means s'more days off of work. :smug:


How have you been doing?

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I know, here too! It's been raining the entire season.. only until today has it been colder.

I almost got blown over by a massive wind today.


They were saying that there was supposed to be a blizzard here, but alas, not yet. :cry: :lol:


Nova Scotia sounds like a neat place to visit. So many places, so little time.

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