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Cells -question-


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Erm... I was just wondering if I'm the only one who sees like transparent cells through the eyes :confused: are like circles and chains


The fact is that I don't know what they are. I guess are microorganisms stuck in the eyeball but I'm not sure, Do you know?

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ahh my impetuosity!

you totally guessed it man!

"i see microorganisms in my eyeball"

but i'm the idiot! hahah


Yes you're a big idiot, at least that's my impression of you


bet an ignorant fool like you don't even know what a microorgonanism is, so I don't care about ur opinion

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well i sure as hell know you can't see one with the naked eye you dipshit


:rolleyes: You cannot be sureeee... This thread is made for people who have seen them and they can corroborate the fact they look like microorganism that's why I asked, I mean you don't even know what I'm talking about so why do u replying and fooling urself?

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I thought those were the cells that fall off from the back of your eyes? Something like rods or cones or other.. I'm not really sure. But you know you have problems if you see too many of those - your eyes are somehow damaged.

I may be totally wrong here.

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