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Next show you're going to


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well it usually depends on what comes up at short notice. The few I have tickets for well in advance though are:


Razorlight - Manchester Apollo - 04/02 - Not my favourite bands but I found some cheap tickets


Feeder - Manchester Apollo - 26/03 - Great band live and their new album is great


U2 - City Of Manchester Stadium - 14/06 - 'Nuff said. Actually, depends on my advance order code working tomorrow. It better. :/

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I really really really want Phantom Planet to play over here! It'll never happen though


Anyway next gig I'll be at is:

Jimmy Eat World-15/3


Yeah, Phantom Planet better have a show soon or else I'm gonna stalk them.


And Jimmy?? Damn. I want to see them tooooooooooooo.

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As far as I know, PP have never played over here in Ireland :/ They should! I'll get people to come see them! Alot of people I know now love them! :lol: :lol:


Yeah I can't wait to see jimmy and they're playing in a small venue so it'll be crazy :cool:

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I would go to the Sting show just for the sheer fact that Phantom Planet is opening for him. I know' date=' strange. But then again, maybe not. I'll just wait till PP have their own show.[/quote']


I did the same thing for REM with Joseph Arthur.

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