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The green plastic watering can


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for a fake chinese rubberplant

in the fake plastic earth

that she bought from a rubber man

in a town full of rubber plans

to get rid of itself



fookin amazing. Radiohead live at Alpine Valley, summer 2003. :cool:



edit because I'm so nice.

Here ya go


this thread doesn't belong here :angry:

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Lets ignore albie (Just as we keep telling him to ignore others).


Wicked song. :cool: Thanks kyle.


whatever :rolleyes:



I can't wait until the mods see that this fool is spamming, but anyways


great song :P

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Ok, but tommorw when your like

"I'm gonna a mod, I'm gonna be so good"

And it turns out you don't get it

Don't say I didn't warn you


don't put words in my mouth, please :rolleyes:


if I don't be mod, it aint no biggy


but if I do, it's alright

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