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Tony Blair/Labour win(s) General Election...

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hmmm I'm not surprised.... :laugh3:



did you guys hear about the bombing here at the british embassy??? I dont know if it was in NY though... :huh:


Yeah it was in NY just after the polls opened here in Britain... :confused:

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But I think there is the possibility Blair will be kicked out of his own party. HE didnt win, his party won and he is currently the leader... currently. They can change that.


But at least hes STARTED a third term, which is impressive. A gigantic loss in votes though in comparison with the last terms election...

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I am very pleased Labour won, since they have been in power my life has improved with things they have brought in. For examaple the new deal programme helped change.


I fell as sleep within the hour waking up occasionally thought the night...

George Galloway was the number one moment of the night with his interview with Jeramy Paxman. I would call for a full investigation in his success as a MP sounded well iffy. Also his tactics used were very low and make him no better than George bush. I felt really sorry for the labour MP who lost her seat down there. I forgot her name.


Its most likely for the best Labours majority has been reduced as it would be healthier for some things Blair and his mates want to push tough. However I do have major concerns that nessacary legislation i.e. anti terror laws are going to have great difficulties in being passed though, of which are imperative to the national and wider security of our nation.



However in saying all of that, the sooner Blair Steps down the better, as if he stays in for a full term its a about certainty they will lose the next one with both the lib dems and the Tories making further inroads.

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I am pleased he is .. he was a total to###er I have been attacked and abused due to his parties general lanuage used against ayslum. As some idoits have thought I have been due to the colour of my skin.


They should bring back John Major or Kenneth Clarke..

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