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....Come Up to meet You, tell you I'm Sorry that I bumped this thread


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Re: ....Come Up to meet You, tell you I'm Sorry.....


To my fellow Coldplaying Messeage Board members, I've come here tonight to apologize (is it spelt with 2 P's) for my rude, distasteful uncouthe behaviour demonstrated this week in all but one of my threads. I pray tonight that while you read this thead you'll be thoroughly convinced that i am terribly and truly sorry. The reason for my behaviour was that I have been deeply hurt in so many unfathomable ways that one can even manage to imagine. However, through all of your replies and comments I have indeed realised that even though I've been through all this shit there's no reason to react that way, and this is just another paramount reason why I have chosen to write this thread. I do hope that some time in the future, i may be able to reconcile my self to every one I have offended and the rest of the board.


Please Forgive Me.




yer k, but wudnt it be easier just to sign up a new account, thats wat i wud do. Foget the past-we all make mistakes

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