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Manic Street Preachers


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Re: Manic Street Preachers


One of my fave bands since years ago. I think they're a brilliant, talented and amazing band. 'Everything must go' and 'This is my truth tell me yours' are a classical albums. Everyone should listen to them.

And they're so great playing live!! I've seen them twice and the first one, in a 600-800 people venue, is one of my fave gigs ever. And the voice of James Dean Bradfield is one of the best, he's amazing!!


The Manics rock!!!! :D :D :D


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees they're AMAZING!! i think i started a thread about them somewhere too! :lol:

i saw them live this summer.. :stunned: ...wow they totally blew me away...


the crowd was mad and the Manics were in complete control :cool:

I'll never forget when they ended the concert with "A Design...Forrrrrrrrrrrrrr Life...."


woooooooohoo :smug:


*shakes hands with Noni*

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great band. although have defied their own principles of music making..


"every band should make one album then quit" JDB but then they've made plenty of albums..not that i midn since i think pretty much all their albums are amazing


One hand is bleeding and the other hand holds a gun

While everything is open everything is shut down, down, down

Begin to ending is really just a go round and round and round

As I stand here - the ground beneath is nothing more than one point of view

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now I think noni made a manics thread, but I can't find it ANYWHERE! So, this thread WILL remain on the 1st page ( :P ) for everyone to spread some love and much respect to the Manic Street Preachers :D

feel free to recommend your fave tracks, post pics, or randomly post your thoughts on one of my fave bands :smug:




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Yeah, I did another thread but it dies quickly...



One of my fave songs is 'You stole the sun from my heart' because it reminds me when I saw them live years ago... All the stage was yellow :smug:

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