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Manic Street Preachers


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Me too... I'm trying to think of any possible way that I could get there and back. Birmingham isn't the easiest to get back to London from because it's too far to get back in time to use public transport and I can't afford to stay up there :thinking: I'm going to try anyway :P

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Haven't been here for a while but those videos are fantastic :D I checked the setlist and you got one hell of a set! So many epic rares and I thought that the Brixton gigs had good setlists! :P I'm especially jealous of Of Walking Abortion, they don't play that very often :o... I got my tickets to the O2 but I'm going on my own because I bought a standing ticket thinking that it would take weeks to sell out. Can't believe it could be the last time they'll ever play :(

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Generation terrorists is getting a re release for its 20th birthday :-)


Ordered, £42 seems cheap compared to other releases in limited numbers


The box contains

CD1: The Album

CD2: The Demos

CD3: B-sides & rarities


DVD: 'Culture, Alienation, Boredom and Despair: a film about Generation Terrorists' Over seventy minutes of footage & Interviews with the Manics and several pivotal players in the band's early career discussing everything from early gigs and singles through to the recording, release and emotional resonance of that epochal debut.


BOOK: 28 page booklet featuring new liner notes and previously unseen images from Nicky Wires personal archive


10" Photographic Print: 'You Love Us' collage by Richard Edwards


10" LP: Rare BBC Rock show sessions from Jan 1992


VIP Lanyard Pass: replica of 1992 Generation Terrorists Tour pass

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Their new album, Futurology is brilliant! Europa Geht Durch Mich, Let's Go To War, The Next Jet To Leave Moscow, Divine Youth, Between The Clock and the Bed and Misguided Missile are my favourites :D

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